About NNI

Better housing, better neighborhoods, better communities. Northland Neighborhoods, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to neighborhood improvement and revitalization in Clay and Platte counties. Working with residents and organizations to find resources and solutions for better housing, better neighborhoods and better communities, NNI helps ensure the Northland is an outstanding place to live. Founded in 1996, NNI is the only community development corporation serving the Northland.

NNI’s mission is to improve the quality of life in the Northland by collaborating with residents, businesses and institutions to empower neighborhoods to build and maintain their own healthy communities.
NNI Staff Board Officers Board Members

Deb Hermann – Chief Executive Officer
Terri Wolfe – Director of Administration
Lori Morgan – Director of Finance & Compliance
Ed Linnebur – Director of Housing
Mary Dusanek – Housing Associate
Eli Kurtz – Special Projects Coordinator
Cliff Mehrer – Housing Associate

President – J.C. Sanders
Vice President – David Mecklenburg
Treasurer – Beth Sullivan
Secretary – Richard Sayles

Dan Clemens
Charles Hayton
Henry Clark
Dick Davis
Darren Hennen
Janet Kenny
Jan Lewis               David Lindaman
Mark McHenry        Henok Tekeste         Scott Wingerson


If you are interested in joining our team please visit nni.org/jobs