Job Title : Housing Associate

Date Posted: 10/30/2019

Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for administering and oversight of NNI’s home repair programs, including staff training, client eligibility, home inspections, work scope preparation, contractor bid process, contractor work oversight, and approval of completed home repairs.  Responsible for understanding grant requirements and following those requirements in the administration of home repair programs, as well as applicable City and Federal regulations.

This position will start out part time and has the potential to become full time based on business needs.

Job Duties:

  • Responsible for day to day oversight of home repair programs, including client and contractor communications and issue resolution where appropriate.
  • Train staff on performing home inspections, writing work scopes, soliciting bids, etc.
  • Gather client information to verify program eligibility; complete calculations and file maintenance to prove client eligibility. Obtain proper approvals.
  • Perform initial home inspections to determine repair scope of work, and prepare work scope based on client need, grant guidelines, and grant amount. Obtain proper approvals to proceed with repair project.
  • Follow NNI policies and grant requirements for soliciting and collecting bids and awarding repair projects to contractors.
  • Maintain contact with home repair contractor and client during home repair projects, ensuring projects are completed on time and for specified cost.
  • Perform final inspections of home repairs to determine work is in accordance with work scope, code specifications, lead-based paint safety rules, and of good quality.
  • Complete all file documentation requirements and approvals required and forward to housing staff for review, or forward the file to Finance for contractor payment as appropriate.
  • Understand Kansas City, Missouri Code requirements for residential single-family homes and HUD 24 CFR 35.
  • Understand granting agency requirements and guidelines.
  • Understand NNI housing policies and procedures.
  • Other duties as assigned.

If you have any questions please call Ed Linnebur at (816) 595-3075 or send an email to

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